First look at the Tesla Tequila packaging [Photos]

Tesla surprised everyone earlier this week by releasing their very own Tesla Tequila, bringing what was originally an April Fool’s prank to reality.

There was apparently at least one person not surprised by the release, as photos of the Tesla Tequila actually appeared online nearly one week ago.

A Twitter user by the name of @Edgar707KiDS was able to get his hands on the exclusive product, and snap a few photos of the bottle itself, and the packaging (h/t @OwenSparks_).

In typical Tesla fashion, the tequila comes in a stylish black box, with the bolt shaped bottle and separate stand inside. Due to its unique shape, instructions on how to open properly to prevent breakage are also included.

The automaker describes the bottle as “handcrafted by skilled glass artisans” resulting in “imperfections and markings that make each bottle unique.”

Since it was a limited edition product, it sold out within hours of being released. According to @Edgar707KiDS, the warehouse he works at received over 1,000 bottles of the tequila, giving us some idea of the number of bottles soon to be in circulation.

Were you able to snag a bottle of Tesla Tequila before it sold out?

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