Tesla starts hiring for Mexico Gigafactory

It is no longer news that Tesla is building a Gigafactory in Mexico. However, the EV company has started recruiting for positions in the plant, located in Monterrey, where it will produce its cheaper next-gen electric car.

According to job postings published recently, the company is seeking to sign on a managing counsel, construction safety manager, financial analyst, and logistics experts.

Tesla is looking to hire a Construction Safety Manager to join our team who is energetic and demonstrates a passion for leading the safety culture for the major construction project, Gigafactory Mexico,” Tesla writes in the job posting for a construction manager.

Tesla confirmed the location of the plant on March 1st, and the speed with which it is recruiting shows how fast it wants the factory to kick off.

The factory could cost Tesla up to $10 billion when all phases are completed in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon. The Mexican economy is benefitting from a growing number of companies wanting to be as close to the US market as possible while avoiding the supply-chain problems associated with the pandemic in the US.

The car which Tesla plans to make in the Mexico factory will operate nearly entirely in autonomous mode. CEO Elon Musk had long promised a cheaper EV that he hopes will convince more people to switch from ICEs to EVs.

While there is no timeline for the new car, Tesla aims to complete the factory in just nine months front the time it breaks ground. That could happen soon as the automaker is expected to receive its final permits this month.

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