Motorcyclist road rages on a Tesla Model 3 and breaks off side mirror

Road rage is becoming all too common these days, and the trend against Tesla’s in particular continues with this latest TeslaCam footage out of California. A motorcyclist speeds past a Performance Model 3, and in the process, uses his hand to break off his side mirror.

The owner of the Model 3, Brandon McGowen, said he was travelling along the highway at around 70mph (112km/h in real numbers) when the bike changes into his lane, and proceeded to slow down to 50mph (80km/h) right in front of him. Frustrated by the slow and dangerous speed on a highway, McGowen tapped his horn. That’s when the bike changed lanes and slowed down even more to get behind the Model 3. What happened next is caught on TeslaCam, as he speeds up and breaks off McGowen’s side mirror with his hand. The first video below is the lead up to the incident where you can clearly see the Model 3 driver did nothing wrong. The second video shows the moment of impact.

Road rage mirror

The incident was reported to police, but unfortunately the TeslaCam did not capture good enough quality video to get his licence plate. But there is enough to make out a partial plate, and it’s hoped with that, the footage of the bike – a GSX-R 600 and the biker himself will be enough for him to be identified by someone.

Now we wait as the wheels of justice turn slowly, and hopefully he’s found and charged for this incident.

McGowen said the mirror will need to be replaced at a cost $518USD for the assembly, cap, paint, and labour.

I only wish McGowan had used the power of his Performance Model 3 to go after the criminal, but can understand in the heat of the moment after what happened that might not be top of mind.

UPDATE: Brandon provided this update with some great news.

Great news! I just received a call from the officer that the TeslaCam/dashcam videos were successfully able to ID the cyclist, and since it’s considered vandalism it’s now moving onto the courts. Thank you all for your support!

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