Tesla shooting promotional footage of Cybertruck on a glacier in Iceland

Tesla has intensified its preparation for the Cybertruck production in recent months, with as many as 20 release candidates for the electric pickup truck sighted at Giga Texas. However, the Cybertruck has now been spotted in faraway Iceland, where Tesla is filming the truck on icy terrain.

The presence of a large filming crew suggests the Cybertruck was on more than just a wintry testing mission. The trip might produce footage for a new promotional video to be aired at the Cybertruck delivery event.

Interestingly, Tesla used a Range Rover instead of a Tesla vehicle for filming. The Range Rover is fit for the task, especially with its reputation as a durable vehicle globally. However, the Cybertruck should appeal to the same demographic of outdoor enthusiasts that need rugged all-terrain vehicles.

Tesla stated officially that the first Cybertruck deliveries would be at the end of Q3 or late September. However, with no further updates from the company, the first customers might have to wait till later, sometime in the last quarter of 2023.

When deliveries start, Tesla will be kept busy for a long time, with millions of pre-orders lined up for the much-anticipated pickup truck. Last week, watchers spotted several Cybertrucks being transported in Arkansas.

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