Tesla Cybertrucks start accumulating outside Giga Texas

Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer | X

Tesla appears to be gearing up to finally start deliveries of the Cybertruck. On Sunday a drone flyover of Giga Texas spotted a small fleet of Cybertrucks in the factory’s outbound transportation lot, before some of them were later hauled off to an unknown location.

First captured by pilot Joe Tegtmeyer, nine Cybertrucks were seen lined up in three rows. Interestingly all of them were hidden under covers, but the unique shape of the electric truck make them hard to keep truly disguised.

It’s unclear why Tesla covered these Cybertrucks. It could be Tesla is attempting to protect them from the elements as these could be among the first to be handed over to customers. Tesla has however used the covers before for vehicles that were incomplete, most commonly for missing windows.

Neither of those seem to be the explanation however, as by just a few hours later three of covered Cybertrucks had already departed the facility to an unknown destination.

These weren’t the only Cybertrucks that Tegtneyer spotted however. While piloting his drone he was also able to capture another several Cybertrucks sitting inside Giga Texas. As we have seen in leaked images from inside Giga Texas on previous occasions, these Cybertrucks had their frunks wide open.

While we don’t know for sure where these Cybertrucks will end up, all of these sightings are very good signs that Tesla is nearing the start of series production, if they haven’t already. Elon Musk has previously said a delivery event is likely before the end of Q3, meaning we could be a month or so, or even less, away from the start of deliveries. It is at that delivery event that we expect we will finally learn the final specs and pricing of the Cybertruck as well.

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