Tesla sets up new department at Giga Berlin to oversee building permits

Tesla has responded to criticisms of lacking permits for its construction work at Giga Berlin. The company has set up a department for overseeing approvals under building laws this week after a meeting with the representatives of the state of Brandenburg.

The creation of this new department comes after Tesla was accused of driving more than 100 piles into the ground in the parking lot of its factory without obtaining the necessary permissions. The construction work was stopped, with Elon Musk commenting on the matter with a simple “Sigh” in response to a Drive Tesla article on Twitter. The company is moving forward again as a spokesperson for the local authority confirmed Tesla has now submitted an application for the project.

The environmental minister has said the piles are not expected to affect the groundwater. However, the district must check this as part of the building permit process, as reported by German publication rbb24.

Last year, Tesla was caught on the wrong side of the law when it became known that a waste storage facility was not approved. The EV maker also temporarily laid underground pipes without a permit and started testing stakes before obtaining approval.

In addition to setting up an internal department to oversee building permits, Tesla and the local water authorities will have monthly meetings on water usage. If necessary, the Ministry of Environment will get involved.

Tesla officially opened Giga Berlin last year, where it has been making 4,000 Model Ys per week for sale in Europe. It employs more than 10,000 workers, and you might be able to tour it soon.

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