Starlink officially launches in Panama

Credit: SpaceX

The latest country to get access to SpaceX’s sattelite internet service Starlink is Panama.

Starlink took to Twitter to announce the news after Twitter User Nito Cortizo spotted the addition of Panama to the Starlink map.

According to the Starlink site, Panama customers can now order their Starlink kit. The good news is Starlink is offering a 50 per cent discount on hardware until June 1. So, the current cost for the set-up is $250, with the service costing $52 per month.

Many users wonder why Panama users are able to access a hardware discount out of the gate as other countries who have seen announcements did not receive the same discount. It is unclear why Panama is different, and Starlink nor SpaceX have commented on the hardware discount. The company is however offering discounts in already established markets, including a substantial discount for rural Canadians.

Starlink notes that the normal download speeds for the service will be around 70-150 Mbps. These speeds will be a significant improvement for those outside the major city cores.

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