XPeng debuts its semi-autonomous driving system XNGP, moving closer to robotaxi launch

XPeng has revealed its latest and most advanced semi-autonomous driving system known as XNGP. The system still requires a driver to sit behind the wheel, but the upcoming release moves the Chinese automaker closer to its goal of launching a robotaxi service next year.

XNGP will debut on their top-of-the-line G9 SUV, which is set to begin deliveries later this month. The system combines their Highway Navigated Guided Pilot (NGP) and City NGP, allowing the automation of certain driving functions in both highway and city driving.

XPeng announces City NGP pilot program to challenge Tesla FSD Beta

The advanced driver-assist system (ADAS) will only be available in certain Chinese cities this year, with the company saying at a press event it will roll out to more cities next year. XPeng also said it will add more features to the system in 2023, like overtaking and parking.

The automaker hopes to have XNGP available in all major Chinese cities by 2024.

With that XPeng is hoping to launch their robotaxi business in Guangzhou next year, and expand to more cities over the next two years. The company has already been able to test the G9 with the XNGP software, recently passing a government-led autonomous driving closed-field test.

By integrating the necessary hardware into their vehicles, XPeng says that will help them launch their robotaxi service quicker than the competition, which requires retrofits to existing vehicles.

“Obtaining the road test permit by our mass-produced commercial vehicles — with no retrofit — is a major achievement. Our platform-based robotaxi development aims to generate significant cost benefits, and ensure product quality, safety and user experience,” said XPeng’s vice president of autonomous driving, Dr. Xinzhou Wu. (via TechCrunch)

The G9 is Xpeng’s fourth ­production model, and is targeted to compete with the Model Y. It is rated for 702 km (436 miles) on the WLTP schedule, and is priced from ¥309,900 yuan (US$42,670) to ¥469,900.

China’s Xpeng reveals new G9 electric SUV

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