Tesla Seeks Campaign Manager, Hinting at Advertising Development

Tesla is looking for a Campaign Manager to support and develop business operations. The job description hints that the person in this role will, among other things, be involved in promoting the company’s products and increasing public awareness of them, hinting at development in the direction of advertising.

Some Tesla investors were eager for the company to start advertising its products. Before this, the manufacturer did not buy advertising but instead talked about its products on social media, including publishing informative videos on YouTube. However, this year, Tesla agreed to start advertising on a small scale for the first time, after investors persuaded Elon Musk to do so during the Shareholders Meeting. This week, the manufacturer released a commercial promoting the safety of Tesla vehicles.

Now, Sawyer Merritt/X has shared an interesting observation. He spotted that Tesla was looking for someone to fill the position of Campaign Manager. Originally, the role was posted for Fremont, California. However, for now, it is showing for Hawthorne, California, where its Engineering headquarters is located. This individual will play a key role in driving campaigns to expand the customer base, overcome perception issues, and increase the conversion rate of car buyers to Tesla ownership, the company description says.

“Tesla is seeking an experienced Campaign Manager to join our dynamic Growth and Outreach team. The Campaign Manager will be a crucial figure in orchestrating campaigns for expanding our customer base, overcoming perception challenges, and enhancing the conversion rates of car buyers into Tesla ownership. The ideal candidate will seamlessly integrate strategies, plans, and execution while fostering innovation and excellence in every campaign.”

The list of responsibilities includes:

  • Lead the project management of the entire campaign, ensuring strategic alignment, timely execution, and continuous adaptation based on real-time insights and performance
  • Collaborate with the Strategy and Planning Team to intake and comprehend the overarching campaign strategies, objectives and audiences, ensuring alignment with Tesla’s objectives and brand vision
  • Develop comprehensive campaign plans, outlining required resources, key timelines, and detailed budgets to ensure meticulous execution
  • Establish clear, measurable success metrics and KPIs to evaluate and gauge the effectiveness and impact of each campaign
  • Facilitate coordination between creative teams and digital media teams, ensuring synchronization in delivery of campaign for both organic and paid strategies
  • Actively manage and refine ongoing campaigns, leveraging data and insights to optimize performance, enhance relevance, and maximize impact and engagement
  • Ensure rigorous measurement protocols are in place to capture essential data, facilitating ongoing analysis and iterative enhancements for sustained campaign effectiveness
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