SpaceX quietly launches new Starlink residential antenna

SpaceX has quietly launched a new and upgraded version of its residential Starlink antenna, with the new design being a significant departure from that of the original Dishy McFlatface.

While the new antenna retains the rectangular design of its predecessor, the most obvious change with the revamped design is a new kickstand, abandoning the rotating ability present in previous models. Without the ability to rotate, this means a much simpler installation, requiring a clear view of the sky for optimal satellite internet reception. (via PC Mag)

The antenna can be fastened with two screws through the kickstand, but if that doesn’t work for where you want to install your Starlink antenna, you can still opt for three different adapter mount catering to rooftop installations.

Also differing from its predecessor, the new antenna is slightly larger, standing at 23.4 inches in height, compared to 20.2 inches for the previous generation. The width has remained unchanged at 11.9 inches. The waterproof rating has also been improved, now at IP67, ensuring dust-proof capabilities and the ability to withstand shallow water immersion for up to 30 minutes.

One of the most notable upgrades is the power consumption, with the new model averaging between 75 to 100 watts, a significant jump from the second-gen model’s 50 to 75 watts.

While SpaceX has now published the specifications of the new antenna on its website, the performance details are still unknown, however, an FCC filing suggest the new antenna is engineered to deliver a “high-performance solution,” surpassing previous fixed user terminal models.

The new Starlink antenna is not yet available for purchase, and there is no information on pricing or availability.

You can watch the videos detailing the installation and setup of the new Starlink antenna below.

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