Tesla reveals new Megapack controls platform, leapfrogging competitors

megapack snow
Credit: Tesla

Tesla has launched its next-gen platform for controlling its Megapack batteries. The company claims it allows energy storage projects to be deployed and commissioned faster, an advantage over its competitors.

Megapacks have become the mainstay of energy storage projects worldwide, as they are used to stabilize the grid or to utilize renewable energy better. It beats out the competition on cost, deployment, and availability. Tesla has quickly set itself apart in the industry thanks to a slew of innovations in large-scale battery energy storage.

Tesla’s battery storage product manager, Chris Bowman, shared the news about the next-gen Megapack control platform release on his LinkedIn. The post has since been deleted, but here is what Bowman said on the new platform. (via Electrek)

“Our next gen. Megapack controls platform, combined with our industry-leading controller-hardware-in-the-loop test services (our “CHIL” platform), speeds up and de-risks deployment of Gigawatt scale battery and hybrid renewable plants. This matters because time and time again, our competitors fail on control system commissioning, causing multi-million dollar losses and 3-4 month project delays.”

The new platform allows faster and smoother deployment and commissioning, two critical components in large-scale projects worth millions of dollars where delays could mean a serious loss of revenue.

Bowman criticized Tesla competitors, who he says deploy untested controls.

Tesla has ramped up Megapack production at its Lathrop, California factory, with a new plant announced in Shanghai. The two factories will have a combined output of 80 GWh annually, ten times more than Tesla’s total deployment last year.

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