Tesla FSD Beta v12.3.1 finally rolls out in Canada, FSD demo drives begin [2023.44.30.30]

Tesla has finally started deploying the latest Full Self-Driving (FSD) version in Canada that utilizes end-to-end neural nets. As soon as the software was released, Tesla Service Centers in Canada have started giving customers supervised demo drives of FSD.

Tesla first released version 12.3.1 of their FSD software in the US earlier this month, sending it to owners after extensive internal testing. The release is one of the most significant in Tesla’s quest to solving full autonomy as it ditched over 300,000 lines of code, replacing it with neural nets trained on millions of videos clips.

The change appears to be working well so far, with Tesla receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from owners in the US, and the company is so confident in its abilities employees are now required to give FSD demo drives for new owners, and all owners in the US will receive a free month trial of FSD as well.

Despite all of this, v12.3.1 did not get released in Canada, as Tesla needed to conduct additional safety testing before releasing it north of the border. That testing has concluded, and v12.3.1 is now rolling out to owners across Canada.

The first downloads started late last night with the release of software update 2024.44.30.30. It is important to note that the release notes in the mobile app before you install the update are incorrect, and it does include FSD Beta v12.3.1.

Just like in the US, early feedback has also been very positive.

Now that it has been released in Canada, we expect Tesla to give all owners a free one month trial of FSD, just like in the US.

FSD Demo Drives

Earlier this week Elon Musk made a surprise announcement, changing delivery logistics by mandating that all new owners receive supervised FSD demo drives before getting their new car.

Despite the software only being released in Canada today, some Service Centers are already providing FSD demo drives. Drive Tesla reader JJ (@Innov8J) told us that he was already the 10th person to get a supervised FSD drive at Tesla Railside in North York, Ontario, and that his drive was 24 minutes long.

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