Is Tesla removing gifted ‘lifetime’ Premium Connectivity subscriptions? [Update]

In October Tesla gave some Canadians an early Christmas gift by gifting them free Premium Connectivity subscriptions. The change came unannounced, and left everyone confused as not all owners received the free upgrade.

Several days later Tesla confirmed the change was a “gesture of goodwill”, and that it was added to a “limited population of owners” for free for the lifetime of their ownership.

Now just days before Christmas it appears as though Tesla may be having a change of heart. Owners in Canada are reporting their accounts are no longer showing the package as being included.


When logging in to our account, our Premium Connectivity is no longer included, and shows an expiry date of November 7, 2020.

UPDATE December 30, 2020: It looks like this was a glitch, as multiple owners have reported to us that “Free Unlimited” is back on their accounts. It is appearing on ours too.

Tesla Premium Connectivity free unlimited

When clicking on the “Manage” link, it shows that we will be charged $13.99/month, but there doesn’t appear to be a way to actually subscribe.

Premium Connectivity

This may be a glitch though because when we check in our Model 3, it is still showing the package as being “Included, and streaming still works.

In car Premium Connectivity

This glitch could be related to a change to Tesla’s website that happened late last night when for about 10 minutes owners were unable to access their accounts. Once access was restored, there was a new “Subscribe” button in the “Upgrades” section of the account. Our account still says that we have all eligible software subscriptions, and to check back later for future subscriptions.

When Tesla added the free upgrade, many thought it was a glitch. Let’s hope this removal is a glitch this time around.

Did you receive the upgrade to free Premium Connectivity? Has it also been removed for you? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE: We have heard from a number of owners now, and there doesn’t appear to be a pattern. Some who received the free upgrade in October are still seeing the package as being included in both their car and their online account.

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