Tesla brings back free Premium Connectivity for some owners [Update]

It looks like Tesla may be giving current owners a bit of a freebie after the changes they announced late last night to all of their vehicles.

Tesla’s Premium Connectivity, which brings internet streaming to the vehicle, used to be free for all owners. It was also meant to switch to a subscription base, and earlier this year the automaker began charging a monthly fee for it.

Now it appears Tesla has brought free Premium Connectivity back, at least to some existing owners.

In checking out our Standard Range Plus (SR+) Model 3, the in-car displays no longer shows a renewal date, and instead says the package is included.

SR+ free Premium Connectivity

The same thing appears on our Tesla account page, saying we have a “Free Unlimited” Premium Connectivity subscription. The menu option to subscribe has also disappeared.

So far we have only seen reports of the freebie on Standard Range Plus Model 3, as several Long Range (LR) and Performance Model 3 owners report still seeing their monthly renewal date.

UPDATE: We are still trying to figure out a pattern here to who is getting the free subscription. So far it appears to be limited to cars in Canada, but both 2019 and 2020 builds are getting it. We have also received a report of a Long Range RWD Model 3 receiving the free subscription.

Has yours switched to free Premium Connectivity? Let us know in the comments below what kind of Model 3 you have.

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