Tesla removes nearly all job postings following layoffs, suggesting hiring freeze

Tesla has removed all of their job postings for North America, and most job postings around the world, suggesting the company has also implemented a hiring freeze following the announcement it was laying off more than 10% of its global workforce.

Early on Monday morning CEO Elon Musk emailed all employees notifying them of the layoffs, saying it was a difficult but necessary decision to prepare the company for the next growth phase.

While Musk’s email made no mention of a hiring freeze being implemented, it appears as though that is was the company has done.

According to Tesla’s Careers website, there are currently 0 job listings in Canada. When we reviewed the website last week after discovering a job posting for the Optimus humanoid robot project based in Vancouver, BC, there were over one hundred job postings. Today there are none. (h/t: @major2571)

It is similar for the US, as there are currently just five listings for the entire country, although these aren’t exactly job postings, but rather training or apprentice programs that once completed, could turn into a full-time position with the company.

The hiring freeze appears to be in place in most countries, but not all where Tesla operates.

For example in Germany, there are close to 100 job postings across the country, although in nearly all other European countries reviewed by Drive Tesla there were zero job postings (there was one in France).

Australia also appears to not be impacted as there are still dozens of job postings in the categories of Vehicle Service, Energy, Sales & Customer Support, Construction & Facilities, and more.

Third-party sites like LinkedIn still have hundreds of job postings listed in North America and around the world, however these are expected to be removed soon as Tesla likely focused on deleting postings from their own website before moving on to third-party hiring sites.

Since Tesla has not announced a hiring freeze, the elimination of job postings could be temporary as they work through and update their systems to audit and eliminate any postings for positions that were deemed redundant or overstaffed. It could also be part of a larger initiative to limit hiring to essential roles only for the next few months as Tesla works through the reorganization.

We will keep an eye on Tesla’s website and update this story as more information becomes available.

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