Tesla expands Optimus program to Canada, seeks Vancouver Engineer

Tesla has expanded its humanoid robot program to Canada, with a new job posting seeking an engineer in Vancouver, British Columbia.

According to the job posting on Tesla’s Careers website, the Tesla Bot position for Vancouver is the only one published in Canada, while there are a total of 64 different positions in the Optimus program published for the United States.

The Canadian job posting is seeking a full-time Mechanical Engineer, who according to the job description, will be joining Tesla’s actuator team with the goal of developing the “most torque and force dense rotary and linear electromechanical actuator systems in the world,” while at the same time making them deliver unmatched efficiency and performance. (h/t: @northern_tesla)

Credit: Tesla

The role requires practical involvement in the design, construction, and testing of prototypes, along with coordinating with supply chain and manufacturing experts to facilitate production processes.

The job offers a competitive compensation package, with a salary range as high as US$244,000, as well as cash and stock awards, and benefits.

While this is the only Tesla Bot related job posting for Canada, there are dozens in the US under the categories of Autopilot& Robotics, Engineering & Information Technology, and Manufacturing.

One recent job posting indicates the company is getting close to running Optimus trials in their Gigafactories. The company is seeking a Technical Program Manager who will help the development of the robot for pilot use in various manufacturing facilities.

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