Tesla Cybertruck to get Powersharing V2H, improved turning radius, and more with spring software update

Earlier today Tesla released details about a substantial software update for the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y set to be released this spring. Not to be left out, the Cybertruck will also be getting a big spring update, and while the total number of new features and improvements is less, they are just as, or if not more substantial.

Powersharing from Vehicle to Home

When Tesla released the Cybertruck last year, the company revealed it was their first vehicle capable of bidirectional charging, with the feature aptly named Powershare. Until now Cybertruck owners can only power equipment, or charge other electric vehicles (EV)s, through various outlets strategically placed in the vehicle.

With the spring update you will also be able to use the Cybertruck to power your home. According to Tesla you will need to have a Universal Wall Connector and Powershare Gateway to allow the Cybertruck to serve as a power source (up to 11.5kW output capacity) for homes during outages or grid instability.

Turning Circle

Another first for Tesla with the Cybertruck was rear-wheel steering. As the name implies the feature adjusts the angles of the rear wheels when the steering wheel is turned. While they don’t move at the same angle as the front wheels, they do move at the same time, either in the same or in the opposite direction, thereby improving the vehicle’s agility at both low or high speeds.

We already knew the rear-wheel steering was going to be improved through a software update, and that update will be the spring release.

According to Tesla the turning radius has been improved by 1.6 feet. Previously a Tesla engineer said the radius would be improved from the current 3° to 10°.

Other Features

There will be three other new features added to the Cybertruck, all of which are available on Tesla’s other vehicles.

Colorizer Wrap your digital Cybertruck to match your wrap in real life.
New Horn and Lock Sounds Lock & unlock your Cybertruck to try them out.
Cabin Overheat Protection Helps maintain a set temp for up to 12 hours after you park.

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