Rivian pushes back release of manual tonneau cover

Rivian has provided an update for customers waiting for the release of the manual tonneau cover for the R1T electric truck. As many were fearing, the update is not positive, and the release has been pushed back by at least a few months.

In an email to reservations holders this week, Rivian says the manual cover is now expected to begin shipping to customers in the summer of 2023, putting a potential release date anywhere between June and August. Previously the automaker was hoping to release the manual cover in early 2023.

“We wanted to follow up with an update on the manual tonneau cover for your R1T. The manual tonneau cover’s interlocking panels are expected to begin shipping to customers in summer of 2023. You’ll get an update with more information once deliveries are ready to begin,” Rivian said in the email.

Along with the email notifying reservation holders that the manual cover is coming soon, Rivian is also letting customers know that need to update their configuration to include a cover, or their R1T will be built without integrated siderails. This is significant as it will mean they will not be able to use the manual cover if they decide to purchase it after taking delivery.

According to Rivian the manual cover will feature four interlocking panels that are inserted and slide along the siderails. The package will include a storage bag for when the panels are not in use, which can then be stored in the R1T Gear Tunnel.

Rivian is making the switch to a manual tonneau cover because of the problems they have experienced with their powered cover. Almost as soon as the first deliveries with the powered cover began, owners began reporting problems with it, leading to the option being pulled from the website and owners being promised a replacement with an updated design to correct the issues. That redesign has also not been released, even though it too was promised to arrive earlier this year.

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