Tesla launches limited-edition CyberHammer, but only in the US

Tesla has launched a new product, a limited-edition CyberHammer. The CyberHammer is only available to buy with referral credits through the referral program, and only available in the United States.

The Cyberhammer was first shown off at the Cybertruck delivery event at Giga Texas last year. After the first deliveries, the Cyberhammer was placed on the dashboard of one of the Cybertrucks on display outside the factory.

Tesla didn’t mention anything about it, but just over a month later filed a trademark application for such a product with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Now the company has finally launched the CyberHammer with a laser etching of Franz von Holzhausen’s signature, but not everyone will be able to buy one, for more than one reason.

The first is that only owners with 35,000 referral credits will be able to purchase one. With each referral currently worth 10,000 credits, that equates to 3.5 referrals, something which the vast majority of owners will find difficult to achieve.

The second is that it was produced in limited quantities. According to Taylor Robinette, Product Engineering Leader at Tesla, only 800 will be made. Robinette says that they will be released in “small batches to ensure to give all owners a chance to refer and earn.”

The third is that the CyberHammer is only available in the US. We are hoping that’s only temporary, and that future releases as suggested by Robinette will include Canada.

Would you redeem 35,000 credits for the CyberHammer? Let us know in the comments below.

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