Tesla releases conflict mineral report for 2019 fiscal

Tesla released its fiscal year 2019 Conflict Mineral report. The report details the processes in which Tesla ensures minerals used in their vehicles, and technology is sourced humanely.

Tesla defines humane minerals as minerals obtained without child labour, human trafficking or slavery.

In addition, all minerals must be DRC Conflict Free. This means that the materials cannot benefit armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo or any adjourning country.

In addition, the report notes the specific minerals analyzed:

  • Columbite-tantalite (Tantalum)
  • Cassiterite (Tin)
  • Gold
  • Wolframite (Tungsten) and any derivatives of the above.

Tesla takes this issue seriously and has a public four-step due diligence process to ensure minerals are obtained humanely. Further to this, due to the nature of the supply chain, Tesla must rely on Tier 1 and upstream suppliers. However, to date, Tesla has not found any evidence that their supplier’s sourcing has contributed to conflict or human rights violations.

In addition to Tesla’s internal list, the company also does not do business with people or companies on the US Conflict Minerals Disclosure Rules. Those countries are Burundi, DRC, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

You can read the full report here.

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