BBC’s Top Gear reviews and tests Porsche Taycan Turbo S alongside Tesla Model S

The comparisons were bound to happen, and we’ve already seen a few short tests putting the Porsche Taycan S against Tesla’s flagship Model S. Now in what has to be the most extensive comparison to date, BBC’s Top Gear puts the two EV titans to task through a number of tests of acceleration, performance, and more.

By the numbers

In this test, they had a Raven Model S Performance, Tesla’s fastest current offering until the new Plaid powertrain is released next year. The Porsche was the Taycan Turbo S, also Porsche’s fastest variant of their new EV. The Taycan Turbo S and the Model S on paper are fairly even, with the Model S having more horsepower, but the Taycan having more torque. Price wise, the Tesla is much cheaper, while also offering about 160km more in range.

The first test is the always popular drag race. Both vehicles were said to have more than 85% charge, with the Taycan having launch control set up. Interestingly, the VBOX numbers for the drag race showed the Tesla had a 2.68s 0-60 time, well off the officially listed 2.28s time, and a 11.08s ¼ mile time, nearly half a second off what others have seen on the drag strip.

Model S vs Taycan stats

The remainder of the nearly 15 minute videos goes over a more detailed look at each vehicles features, handling, and driving experience. It shouldn’t come as a shock, given Porsche’s legacy that they noted the Porsche had a better connection with the driver and provided the better overall driving experience.

But also not surprising, the Porsche was noted as being less comfortable and more cramped than the Model S, with less interior space, especially for rear passengers, and less frunk and trunk capacity too.

As for software and entertainment, the Tesla wins hands down with the new V10 software update, and big interactive touch-screen. Although the Porsche does come with Apple CarPlay, a much-requested feature that may one day come to Tesla in a future software update.

The Tesla obviously holds a firm upper hand when it comes to charging, with the vast network of Tesla Superchargers already available. While the Porsche Taycan Turbo S will have to rely on publicly available chargers.

Model S vs Taycan charging

As expected, Top Gear concludes that both are great cars, but for different purposes. If you want a (really) fast daily driver that can drive you, and many passengers, around in comfort, then you’re going to love the Model S. If you’re looking for more of a driving experience, then the Taycan Turbo S is a good choice.

If you had the choice, which would you pick?

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