Bouldercombe Battery Gets Green Light To Operate After Tesla Megapack Fire

The Bouldercombe big battery in Queensland has received approval from the Australian Energy Market Operator to operate at full capacity, just six weeks after a fire incident involving one of its Tesla Megapack modules.

The 50 MW, two-hour (100 MWh) Bouldercombe battery, the second significant battery on the Queensland grid, was given the green light following a rigorous commissioning process.

Genex Power, the company behind the Bouldercombe project, announced that the battery will initially operate with 38 of its 40 Megapack modules, with Tesla scheduled to replace the modules damaged by the fire in early December. The unique partnership between Genex and Tesla, where the latter operates the battery using its “autobidder” system, is expected to yield substantial profits for both companies. (via RenewEconomy)

Despite the setback caused by the fire in September, the Bouldercombe battery was delivered with only a modest delay and within budget. The 50 MW, two-hour (100 MWh) battery is set to become the second major battery on the Queensland grid, following the 100 MW, 150 MWh Wandoan South battery that came online in 2022.

Genex is not resting on its laurels and is actively working on the Kidston pumped hydro scheme, a larger storage project set to be completed by the end of next year. The company is also making waves in the renewable energy sector with a massive solar project at Bulli Creek, securing a 25-year contract for 337 MW of solar capacity with Fortescue Metals. This endeavor is expected to lead to an expansion of large battery storage facilities at the same site.

The Bouldercombe battery, with an estimated annual revenue of $15 million through its agreement with Tesla, is poised to significantly boost Genex Power’s income. This financial windfall, coupled with the company’s other ventures, including solar and pumped hydro projects, positions Genex as a key player in Australia’s rapidly evolving renewable energy landscape.

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