Tesla Receives €149 million In New EU Charging Funding

Tesla Supercharger
Image: Tesla

The European Union (EU) have announced additional AFIF funding for charging stations and electrification of ports and airports. Tesla is the largest beneficiary of this funding round and will receive 42% of the allocated money to build new Superchargers across the EU.

The EU announced additional funding from the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Fund (AFIF) of €352 million. It will be allocated to finance 26 projects for the construction of new charging stations and hydrogen filling stations, as well as the electrification of ports and airports. As part of this, 12,000 charging stations and 18 hydrogen filling stations should be built.

These projects were identified as part of the fourth round of AFIF funding. According to the details, Tesla is the largest beneficiary. In total, the company will receive approximately €149 million, corresponding to 42% of the total funding. Tesla will build 7,198 charging stations (Supercharger stalls) 250 kW each. They will be located in 687 locations in 22 European countries. Tesla has previously received funding, so most of its Superchargers in Europe are open to electric vehicles of any brand, which helps maintain and grow the industry.

The EU is keen to support the development of electric vehicles, which is why it is so focused on growing the charging network. Tesla offers the widest and most reliable charging, which can provide comfortable travel for EV drivers throughout the region. Easy and fast access to charging is one of the most important factors for wider adoption of EVs.

“The European Union remains committed to supporting initiatives that support the transition to cleaner modes of transport. These projects play a central role in achieving the Union’s climate goals while contributing to economic growth and job creation,” said Paloma Aba Garrote, Director of the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA).

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