Meet the Hypercast, Hyundai’s version of Tesla’s Giga Press

Credit: Hyundai

Tesla has found success with its mass-market method of EV production using the Giga Press. The American company, however, will now see one of its international rivals, Hyundai, introducing the Hypercast, its own version of the monster casting machine.

The hypercasting, which Hyundai is applying to trademark, produces vehicle frames by forcing molten aluminum alloy into casting molds. Tesla began using a similar method with the Giga Press in 2020. Its plants in China and Germany have also been fitted with the machines, as reported by the Korean newspaper Hankyung.

This process promises to help the auto industry save on production costs as it manages time and resources more efficiently. Tesla reportedly saved 30 percent on cost by ditching the old method of bolting and riveting smaller parts that could be up to 70 together.

Hyundai plans to have the Hypercast in operation by 2026. It is developing the process in-house. The machine will help the Asian car maker speed up production after learning the ropes with electric models like the IONIQ 5, IONIQ 6, and Kona Electric. It is planning to retrofit its ICE production facility for EV manufacturing.

Other companies looking into this production method include VolkswagenVolvo, and Toyota.

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