Tesla recalls the Model S, X and Y for misaligned front cameras

Tesla is recalling 1,337 vehicles in the US an issue with misaligned cameras in the vehicles. The misaligned cameras can lead to semi-autonomous systems such as forward collision avoidance to fail without warning.

Tesla noted in its recall notice:

On affected vehicles, the pitch angle of the forward-facing cameras may not be aligned to specification, which may cause certain active safety features, including Automatic Emergency Braking, Forward Collision Warning and Lane keeping assist, to be unavailable without alerting the driver.

After the defect was detected, Tesla made necessary changes to its production line at its factories. One of the major changes was narrowing the specification for the pitch angle of its front-facing cameras. It does not appear any other cameras in vehicles included in the recall are affected.

The recall affects 2023 Model S, X and Y vehicles, and notifications will be mailed to affected customers by mid-September. Customers can also use the Tesla VIN Recall search tool to see if their vehicle is included in the recall.

The fix is quite simple, with Tesla Service providing an inspection and potential adjustment to any affected cameras at no cost to the customer. The entire process should take around twenty minutes and can be scheduled anytime.

No similar recall has been posted by Transport Canada at the time of publication.

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