SpaceX and Comcast team up for enterprise Starlink satellite connectivity offering

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has entered into a joint venture with Comcast to offer satellite connectivity to businesses through its Starlink internet service.

The new venture targets areas where customers struggle with limited internet connectivity.

SpaceX is pioneering the concept of a satellite internet company teaming up with a traditional network operator to service enterprise customers. Other satellite internet companies, including Kuiper by Amazon and Viasat, are still struggling to expand their satellite networks and customer bases.

SpaceX has been on a tear sending satellites to space to expand its Starlink service. The latest batch was launched last month, putting 23 satellites into orbit using the company’s Falcon 9 rocket.

Meanwhile, SpaceX has inked a similar deal with T-Mobile, allowing customers in areas lacking cellular signals to connect to the internet through Starlink satellites.

More than three million internet users connect through Starlink dishes globally in more than 100 countries, markets, or territories, with Sri Lanka and Botswana being among the latest. The clientele includes the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, cruise ship fleets, and health facilities.

The company started selling its new Starlink Mini Kit this month, making the equipment even more portable. However, Canadian buyers can save C$300 when purchasing Starlink hardware through SpaceX’s “regional savings” program.

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