Tesla raises price of Model Y Gemini Dark Wheels in Canada

Tesla has raised the price of the newly introduced Model Y Gemini Dark Wheels in Canada, just over a week after launching the new wheel option north of the border.

Tesla first introduced the Gemini Dark Wheels in China in September last year, before eventually bringing them to the US last month. When they were launched in the US they were initially an optional upgrade priced at US$500. However not long after Tesla discontinued the original Gemini Light Wheels in the US, making the Dark Wheels standard and included in the base price of the Model Y.

On the same day Tesla made them standard in the US, they were made an option in Canada, and priced them at C$700. We were expecting Tesla to follow suit and make them standard in the near future, but Tesla has now done the opposite.

According to an update to the Design Studio on Wednesday night, the Gemini Dark Wheels are still an option, and have seen a 43% price increase, going from C$700 to $1,000.

As mentioned, we were expecting Tesla to lower the price and make them standard, so this price increase is a bit surprising.

There are aftermarket options available for much less, like this set on Amazon for $269.99, but that would only get you the darker wheel covers. Going with Tesla’s option gives you both darker wheel covers, and darker wheels underneath.

Credit: Drive Tesla
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