Tesla adds Model Y Gemini dark wheels as option in Canada, makes them standard in the US

Tesla is now offering the new Model Y Gemini dark wheels to buyers in Canada, just a few weeks after launching them in the US. However the new wheels are still an optional upgrade in Canada, while Tesla has now made them standard in the US.

Earlier this week we shared news on X (formerly Twitter) that the first Model Ys with Gemini dark wheels had been spotted in Ontario, even though they were not an available option on the Design Studio. It turns out Tesla was planning on releasing them in Canada, they just hadn’t officially launched them yet.

That changed on Saturday, with an update to the online configurator to add them as an option on the Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and Long Range (LR) variants of the Model Y, priced at C$700.

Credit: Tesla

Not long after we found out they were launching in Canada we made a quick trip out to our local Service Center and there were already two Model Ys on the lot with the new wheels. As you can see it is not just the wheel covers that are darker, but the wheels as well.

At the same time the dark wheels were added to the Design Studio in Canada, Tesla also made a change to the online configurator in the US.

As we mentioned these new wheels launched last month in the US, also as an option, priced at US$500. Less than two weeks later and Tesla has now made them standard on the RWD and LR variants. At the same time, Tesla has also discontinued the original Gemini light wheels for the US market.

Given the change from optional upgrade to standard equipment in the US, it would make sense that Tesla will soon make the same change for Canada.

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