Tesla launches Model Y Gemini Dark Wheels, but only in the US

Tesla has brought their Model Y Gemini Dark Wheels to North America, after first launching them in China last year. However, as with many other recent changes to the Model Y, these new wheels and wheel covers are not available in Canada.

We reported earlier this week that several Model Ys were spotted at the Fremont factory with new darker wheels, suggesting Tesla was getting ready to launch the ‘Metallic Shadow’ wheels and wheel covers that were first introduced through the minor Model Y refresh in China last year.

At the time we speculated that since the sighting was at the Fremont factory, this was a good sign that Canada would also get the upgrade since we receive our Model Ys from Fremont. There have been a number of changes to the Model Y recently, like the Quicksilver paint, new Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive (LRRWD) variant, and the low 0.99% interest rate offer, that have only been available to US buyers.

On Tuesday evening Tesla updated the Design Studio to add what they call the 19″ Gemini Dark Wheels, but in a bit of a surprise move, they are a paid upgrade, and not available in Canada.

According to the online configurator, Model Y buyers can pay an extra US$500 to upgrade to the new wheels and wheel covers. The original Gemini wheels, which remain as standard, have also been renamed to ‘Gemini Light Wheels’.

You can use the slider below to see a comparison between the two options.

Unfortunately this is the only change to the Model Y, and other changes also introduced in China last year did not make it to Fremont and Giga Texas yet. This would be the ambient LED light strip in the dash, and the new woven fabric that replaced the wooden dash piece.

Would you pick these new dark wheels over the original silver wheels for the Model Y? Let us know in the comments below.

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