Porsche Taycan Deliveries Halve in H1 2024

Porsche’s journey through the first half of 2024 has been a tumultuous ride, marked by significant declines in key models, like the Taycan.

In the first half of 2024, Porsche delivered 155,945 vehicles globally, down 7% from the 167,354 units in the same period of 2023. This decline is attributed to the model changeovers of the Macan, Panamera, and Taycan.

Interestingly, while some models like the Cayenne saw an uplift in sales, others, particularly the Taycan, experienced significant drops.

ModelSales Jan-Jun ’24Sales Jan-Jun ’23Difference

The Porsche Taycan saw its deliveries halved through the first half of 2024, compared to the same time period last year. In Q2 alone, only 807 Taycans were sold in the United States, a 51% decrease compared to the previous year. This is an even larger drop than the one seen in the first quarter, where Porsche sold 1,247 Taycans in the US, down 18 percent.

This dip can be attributed in part to the anticipation of the significantly upgraded 2025 Taycan model, which promises enhanced range, power, and faster charging capabilities. As potential buyers hold off for the new model, Porsche expects a resurgence in Taycan sales later this year.

MetricQ2 2024Q2 2023Change
Taycan Sales8071,635-51%
Taycan Share of Sales3.8%10%-6.2%

Porsche’s shift towards EVs will soon grow with the introduction of the Macan Electric, and upcoming electric versions of the 718 and Cayenne. The Macan Electric, launched earlier this year, has already garnered substantial interest, with 10,000 orders placed by March 2024.

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