Tesla Q1 2023 financial results: What to expect

Tesla is set to publish their first quarter financial results after markets close later today. Tesla has implemented several significant price cuts since January, so all eyes will be on how those price cuts have impacted their industry-leading margins.

Tesla has already announced their preliminary production and delivery figures earlier this month. In the first three months of the year Tesla produced nearly 441,000 vehicles at Fremont, Giga Texas, Giga Berlin, and Giga Shanghai. Deliveries came in at nearly 423,000, representing 36% year-over-year growth.

Here is what analysts are expecting Tesla will announce the publication of tomorrow’s Q1 2023 financial results.


Wall Street consensus is that Tesla is expected to report earnings of $0.85 per share. Tesla earned $1.07 per share in Q1 2022 and $1.19 per share in Q4 2022.


Tesla is expected to announce $23.4 billion in revenue for Q1 2023. That would be a 24% increase from Q1 2022 ($18.76B), but an 8% decrease from their Q4 2022 revenue of $21.45 billion.

Other Announcements

Tesla always includes a number of other announcements in their shareholder deck and during the subsequent earnings call. Everyone is hoping for some kind of Cybertruck update, possibly even announcing official specs and pricing, and an estimated start of production date.

Investor and Institutional Questions

As has become customary Tesla shareholders have been able to submit questions through Say, which other investors have been able to vote on for the last week. Here are the top questions from retail and institutional investors which should get airtime on the earnings call.

Do you still believe Tesla Energy will be bigger than auto and when will you provide more formal guidance on megapack and overall Tesla energy?

How well are 4680 cells meeting the expectations described on battery day? How long will it be until the cells meet those goals?

Can you give updated specs and pricing for Cybertruck, and any new features that will make it to production?

Can you provide updates regarding solar roof production expectations and future goals?

What is the process to make auto pricing adjustments? What variables do you consider? How frequently do you review pricing?

You previously stated a goal to reach 80% of the Tesla car owners with Tesla insurance. When will the goal be met? What is the adoption rate of Tesla insurance where it is available? What is the average annual savings over 3rd party insurers?

The new vision parking measurements have much to be desired when compared to ultrasonic sensors. Do you still believe removal of the sensors was the right thing to do and if so, when do you think the new system will match the quality of the ultrasonic sensors?

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