Tesla publishes nearly a dozen new ADAS Test Operator job postings across Europe

Tesla appears to be getting closer to expanding Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta outside of North America. The automaker has published nearly a dozen new job postings looking for ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System) Test Operators across Europe.

According to the Tesla Careers website there are now 10 ADAS Test Operator positions across the region, as spotted by owner and enthusiast @tesla_adri on Twitter. The positions are available in the UK, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Norway, Italy and Türkiye, with the job descriptions specifically mentioning Autopilot, and also referencing Full Self-Driving.

“We are looking for a highly motivated individual to accelerate our vehicle-level testing for all current and future Autopilot features on the path to full self-driving. The ADAS Test Operator will be responsible to identify improvements and regressions across software iterations,” the job posting reads.

Here is a list of responsibilities for the successful applicants:

  • Survey the local region and design routes with perspective scenarios for Autopilot testing.
  • Design test specs and create judgement criteria using tools such as XRAY.
  • Study and familiarize with the latest Autopilot version and other relevant vehicle features.
  • Execute real-world testing according to test specifications, as well as providing ad-hoc support for specifically requested scenarios.
  • Analyze test data, triage software issues and abnormal vehicle behaviors using Tesla in-house designed proprietary software tools.
  • Communicate with developers and test engineers, be on-call for questions/comments if necessary.
  • Maintain and document test vehicle condition, coordinate repairs/retrofits as necessary.
  • Support any other vehicle engineering testing as needed.

Tesla has previously published ADAS Test Operator positions in Europe, however not at this volume.

While the job postings are a good sign that Tesla is progressing and laying the groundwork to release FSD Beta in Europe, there may still be a wait in store for owners who have purchased the option on their Tesla. Back in March 2021 the automaker published the first ADAS Test Operator job posting in Canada. As it turned out that posting appeared almost a year to the day before FSD Beta was finally released north of the border in March 2022.

Many European Tesla owners will be excited to hear of this new hiring campaign, but just as many will likely keep their expectations in check. More than one year ago CEO Elon Musk said FSD Beta would likely be launching in Europe’s left-hand drive (LHD) markets by the summer of 2022, followed by right-hand drive (RHD) markets a few months later. As we obviously know that timeline was not met, and it likely has to do with regulatory approvals, which Musk cited as a possible reason a for delay in his timeline.

While there has been no official launch of FSD Beta in Europe, the company has already been testing the software there for over a year. Recently several installs of the latest FSD Beta software version were also spotted on third-party tracking websites outside of North America.

You can see all the job postings here.

Tesla has been testing Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta in Europe with employees for over one year

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