Tesla partners up in Thailand for Powerwall installation

Tesla has teamed up with Solar d in Thailand to sell and install Powerwall battery storage devices. The two companies announced their availability last year.

The devices won’t be cheap however as they start at 699,000 baht (US$20,755), compared to $9,200 in the US for a single Powerwall. The Powerwall is available on Solar d’s website and comes in different packages, including Lite, Smart, Premium, Prime, Elegant, and Ultimate. Buyers can get recommendations on the best package based on their roof size, energy bill, and desired self-sufficiency level.

Solar d acts as both the reseller and installer. Tesla advertises the Powerwall as allowing users to manage their electricity consumption through the Tesla app and reducing their reliance on the grid.

Thailand passed a new rule last year that promotes renewable energy. The regulation brought about the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme, which guarantees above-market prices for power producers. The scheme runs for 25 years and fixes THB 2,167.9 ($638.37) per kWh for solar and THB 2,833.1 ($834.25) per kWh for solar plus storage. The second plan fits Tesla’s Powerwall users.

Meanwhile, Tesla has dropped the price of Powerwall in Australia, now costing $1,699 less. The company recently started allowing North American buyers to order the energy storage device without adding solar panels.

The Powerwall is still unavailable in Canada directly from Tesla. Similar to the deal in Thailand however, there are certified third party resellers and installers across Canada. To find out if there is one near you you can use Tesla’s ‘Find a Tesla Certified Installer’ tool.

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