Tesla partners with Auto Renu for ‘Cyber Shield’ Cybertruck cleaner

Tesla has been displaying Cybertrucks in showrooms in Canada and the US for a week, and all of them have not only had impeccable build quality, but they have also been very clean. To get that shine on the unique non-directional stainless steel finish, it looks like Tesla has partnered with Auto Renu to develop a special Cyber Shield cleaner.

Ever since Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck in 2019 there have been questions on how difficult it was going to be to maintain the stainless steel finish. We reported exclusively earlier this year that Tesla had developed their own non-directional stainless steel finish for easy maintenance. What this non-directional finish means is that you won’t have to wipe the stainless steel down in the same direction as the lines, or grain, that you see on your refrigerator or dishwasher. It also make repairing scratches easy.

Despite this non-directional finish, it is not fingerprint resistant, as we have seen numerous fingerprints and smudges on test vehicles in recent months. However it looks like it will be easy to get rid of them, as Tesla appears to have partnered with Auto Renu for a waterless cleaner called ‘Cyber Shield.’

Early last week an unbranded bottle of Renu waterless wash was spotted in a showroom in the US, with a ‘Cyber Wash’ label placed over top of it. But a few days later another Renu bottle was spotted in a different showroom, but it featured Cybertruck branding and was labelled as ‘Cyber Shield.’


This new Cyber Shield product hasn’t been added to Auto Renu’s website yet, and the company hasn’t responded to our inquiry for confirmation on the partnership. However, according to a Cybertruck Owners Club forum member, a Tesla employee confirmed the collaboration with them, and provided an excerpt from the product’s label.

“Cyber Shield is a cutting edge cleaner and protective solution that redefines the way you care for the exterior stainless surfaces of the Cybertruck”

Tesla Cybertruck’s stainless steel will have a non-directional finish for easy maintenance

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