Tesla now lets owners download vehicle data with Event Data Recorder (EDR) Resources

Tesla owners can access troves of data from their vehicles with the launch of the automaker’s official Event Data Recorder (EDR) Resources.

All Tesla vehicles feature and EDR which records detailed information about vehicle like its speed, how much pressure is applied to the brakes or accelerator, which seatbelts are buckled, and a whole lot more.

This data is stored in the EDR in the event of an accident, which can provide critical details to determine just how the accident occurred.

A perfect example of this happened just today when Tesla released data logs from a crash in China that showed the car was travelling at 120km/h in an 80km/h zone seconds before impact.

Until now the only way to gain access to this data was to pay a third party to retrieve it (or if Tesla provided it as in the case above), but now owners can download the data themselves.

To access the data you will need a Windows computer, the free Tesla EDR retrieval program, and a MyTesla account. To connect to the vehicle, appropriate cables and adapters are also required, which Tesla also offers for sale on the website.

You can purchase the items individually, or as a bundle for $1,200 USD ($1,498 CAD).

Tesla EDR

To get an idea of the kind of data that will be available, Tesla has provided sample reports for all models.

The Tesla EDR Kit is only available for purchase in North America. You can learn more and purchase yours at edr.tesla.com.

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