Increasing demand pushes Tesla Model 3/Y prices higher as Model S/X deliveries get pushed back even further

Tesla has implemented another round of prices changes for the Model 3 and Model Y in the US, the sixth time it has done so in recent months.

Earlier today we told you that Tesla has already sold every car they plan to make this quarter, even with two months left in the quarter. That high level of demand is one of the likely reasons behind tonight’s $500 price increases.

These increases follow others made exactly two weeks ago to the same variants of each vehicle.

As with other recent changes in the US, prices in Canada have remained unchanged.

Model 3 Prices

  • Standard Range Plus – $38,990 to $39,490 (+$500)
  • Long Range – $47,990 to $48,490 (+$500)
  • Performance – $56,990 (no change)

Model Y Prices

  • Long Range – $50,990 to $51,490 (+$500)
  • Performance – $60,990 (no change)

While the prices for the refresh Model S and Model X also remained unchanged, estimated delivery dates for both vehicles have been pushed back in Canada and the US to as far as February 2022.

Given that the timelines now show the Long Range Model S arriving after the Plaid variant, it is likely these changes only impact new orders placed today, and existing orders are unaffected. It is still unclear when the first deliveries of the new Model S will begin, but it will hopefully be soon.

Model S Delivery Estimates

  • Long Range – September-October (from August-September)
  • Plaid – August – September (from June-July)
  • Plaid+ – Mid 2022 (no change)

Model X Delivery Estimates

  • Long Range – January-February 2022
  • Performance – January-February 2022
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