Polestar Joins Tesla Supercharger Network in China

Polestar has announced it has joined Tesla’s Supercharger network in China. The company follows SAIC-GM, which announced a similar partnership with Tesla earlier this month.

Polestar China announced it will connect to the Tesla Supercharger charging network in China. The company’s CEO, Shen Ziyu announced the plan at the event, saying the company has entered into a partnership with Tesla to become one of the first partners to use its network of charging stations in China, according to CnEVPost.

According to Polestar, these efforts are aimed at creating its own charging system. While the company builds its own network, owners of its electric vehicles will have access to more third-party charging stations, including Tesla Superchargers. The plan calls for building 60 Polestar charging stations in China and gaining access to a total of more than 550,000 third-party charging stations.

Polestar has become the second manufacturer to announce a partnership with Tesla in China. On November 10, SAIC General Motors became the first to announce such an alliance. Under the terms, starting in late 2023, owners of all-electric Cadillac and Buick models based on GM’s Ultium platform in China will have access to Tesla Superchargers and Destination Chargers.

In June, Polestar announced that starting in 2025, it will integrate the North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector design into its electric vehicles produced for the North American market. This was the first step to expand cooperation between companies.

Tesla’s charging network was previously exclusive to Tesla owners. However, in a bid to encourage EV adoption, the company has started opening it up to other brands of EVs. First, the step was made in Europe, after which the program started in both Australia and the USA. In the spring of 2023, it was opened in China. Currently, there are 10 Supercharger stations and more than 200 Destination Chargers open in mainland China.

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