Tesla wins US labor board dispute over Giga New York restructuring

The US National Labor Relations Board dismissed a claim that Tesla illegally fired employees organizing a union at the Buffalo Gigafactory.

Per Reuters, in February, Tesla restructured their Buffalo Gigafactory, leading to dozens of employees in its Autopilot department being let go.

According to Tesla, the firings were based on performance reviews. Meanwhile, Workers United, the union amid a union drive in the facility, argued that the workers were fired due to union activity.

Although the main claim was dismissed, the labor board did note that they see merit in two separate claims by Workers United.

Those being:

Tesla maintained an unlawful rule on the acceptable use of technology in the workplace and;

Solicited grievances from workers in an attempt to thwart support for the union.

Tesla will need to settle these complaints with Workers United or the board will issue a complaint. A complaint then leads to a court date with an administrative judge about the issue.

Neither Tesla nor Workers United commented on the results of the US Labor Board.

It is also unclear if Workers United will look to appeal the decision. The United Auto Workers appealed a decision by the National Labor Relations Board earlier this month in support of Tesla. That appeal was successful and saw a US appeals court reverse the board’s decision over workers’ rights in Fremont, California, to wear United Auto Workers t-shirts while on shift.

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