Tesla offering LFP retrofits for Model 3 battery replacements under warranty

Tesla is now offering a lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) pack retrofit to some Model 3 owners requiring a battery replacement under warranty. This option is now available for those vehicles that were initially equipped with the 2170 cell batteries, and also includes some upgrades to the suspension to handle the heavier LFP battery.

Tesla first adopted LFP battery packs with the made-in-China Model 3 in 2020, and by 2021, the battery technology made its way to the North American market with the Model 3 RWD. Prior to this, the Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+) was equipped with a 2170 cell battery pack.

Tesla has since shifted to the LFP packs in all of their entry-level cars, including the Model Y, as they are cheaper to produce and offer similar range and performance, opting for the nickel-based chemistries for their higher-performance vehicles.

Now early Model 3 SR+ and RWD owners that require a battery replacement under warranty can opt to have a LFP pack replace their 2170 pack.

According to a document shared by X user Warren (@Warren_pr1), owners opting for the LFP retrofit are required to sign an agreement that outlines the advantages and potential drawbacks of the LFP battery.

The benefits highlighted by Tesla are the extended service life and increased range offered by the LFP pack compared to the original 2170 batteries. This increased range is primarily due to the fact they can be charged to 100% daily, something that is not recommended for 2170 packs due to potential damage to the cells, unlocking additional capacity for everyday use.

There are some drawbacks too however. Tesla notes the LFP pack doesn’t offer as much performance and will increase the 0-60mph time by about 0.5 seconds. The LFP pack is also heavier, but to compensate for the additional weight Tesla will upgrade the car’s suspension springs and dampers, and perform a 4-wheel alignment.

You can read the full agreement below.

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