Mercedes-Benz EQC EV crossover will actually come to Canada, but in 2025

According to reports in Automotive News, the new Mercedes-Benz EQC will not arrive in Canada or the U.S. until around 2025.

Initially, the manufacturer was planning a 2020 launch. However, following a comprehensive review of market developments in the US, the company decided to hold off.

Although many Mercedes fans are disappointed, the move is not surprising. The EQC is a new venture in the North American market, and it may have faced an upward fight with the wow factor of the EQS.

Which is tricky as the EQC lacks some of the features on the EQS but costs $34,000 less!

Mercedes Benz EQC suffers abysmal sales in home country, handily outsold by Tesla

In addition, the North American market is about to see more dedicated EV crossovers. The late arrival of the EQC could benefit Mercedes in the long run and let the other manufacturers deal with the growing pains.

Built on the new Modular Architecture, the second generation of the EQC will have more range and charge quicker.

Least to say, the new EQC will need to wow North American’s with the delay and coming in late to the party.

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