Tesla discounts Model 3 inventory up to $5,000 in Canada, over $3,000 in the US

Tesla has started discounting Model 3 vehicles in inventory in Canada by as much as $5,000. There are also discounts available in the US, some above $3,000. The discounts are interesting because they come on the first day of a quarter, a time when Tesla usually ends discounts after an end of quarter push, indicating they could be trying to clear out inventory ahead of the debut of the Project Highland refresh.

Tesla is also continuing to offer discounts on the Model S, Model X, and Model Y in both countries.

Model 3 Discounts

According to a review of Tesla’s existing inventory website in Canada, we were able find dozens of Model 3 vehicles with discounts maxing out at $5,000. This discount appears to only be applicable to the Long Range and Performance variants.

Add in the federal and provincial incentives where applicable, and you could purchase a brand new Model 3 Long Range in Canada for under $50,000.

Discounts are also available in the US. We were able to find a $3,070 discount on a Model 3 Performance in Washington State, while discounts for a RWD variant were as much as $2,830 in Oregon based on our review.

Tesla has been discounting existing inventory in both Canada and the US in recent weeks, but these are the biggest discounts offered so far.

As we noted, Tesla doesn’t usually offer discounts, especially of this magnitude, at the beginning of a quarter. A potential reason could be that Tesla is getting ready to debut the highly anticipated Project Highland refresh, which is said to be a complete overhaul of the electric sedan. For several months there have been sightings of test vehicles on the roads of California, and Giga Shanghai is reportedly already producing, and possibly testing the new design at Giga Shanghai.

Model Y Discounts

There are also some discounts on Model Y. In Canada Tesla is continuing the discounts from last quarter, offering up to $650 off the RWD, $750 off the Long Range, and $800 off the Performance.

In the US the discounts are about the same for the Model Y AWD (4680), which can be found for $520 off, or up to $570 off the Performance. The LR is higher at up to $1,570 off.

Model S/X discounts

Also continuing from last quarter, the Model S and Model X are discontent nearly $10,000 in Canada, while in the US they are now at $7,500. This is down a bit from the $15,000 and $10,000 discounts on offer at the end of last month.

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