Tesla myQ free trial ends, but bugs persist

Tesla owners who signed up for the free myQ Wi-Fi garage door opener trial are being notified their trial period has now ended and they must subscribe to continue using the feature, even though the software still has several bugs, including one that could damage your vehicle.

Tesla partnered with Chamberlain to add myQ integration into their vehicles as part of the 2022 holiday software update, allowing owners to seamlessly use their Wi-Fi garage door openers from within their vehicle. The new product came with a 30-day free trial before owners would have to pay a subscription fee to not have to press the button on their garage door remote control.

The rollout of the software did not go smoothly however as there were numerous bugs experienced by owners, eventually leading to Chamberlain extending the free trial indefinitely to work out the kinks. It turns out that extension was short lived and the free trial has now ended for some owners, like our reader @Torchs91 in Toronto who was presented with this message on his in-car display over the weekend.

Interestingly both our Model 3 and Model Y with myQ integration have not yet displayed this message, and are still functioning without a subscription.

In Canada you will have to pay a one-time fee of $395 ($299 in the US) for a 10-year subscription, or $235 ($179 USD) or $59 ($45 USD) for 5-year and 1-year subscriptions respectively, each of which will renew automatically. However, many owners are saying they are forgoing paying for the subscription due to the buggy software.

Perhaps the biggest bug is one in which the door will close on your car as you pull in to your garage, which has happened to us on two separate occasions. We have been able to recreate the bug, and it happens when you have parked in your driveway and then go to park in the garage. For some reason the software thinks you are driving away, and if the distance you have set to auto-close your door is triggered, it will close even if you are still driving in to your garage.

We shared footage of this incident on Twitter this morning, and several others reported experiencing the same. Has this also happened to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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