Tesla Service Manuals are free again

With each passing day there are more and more new Tesla vehicles hitting the road around the world. Each new vehicle means an extra burden on Tesla’s Service Centers, which are already struggling to keep up with the company’s rapid growth.

In what may be an effort to help alleviate some of that pressure, Tesla has opened up access and made all of their Service Manuals free on their website.

Tesla is still charging fees to access their Diagnostic Software, either $645CAD/$500USD for a 30-day subscription or $3,860CAD/$3,000USD for an annual subscription.

To access the Service Manuals, visit service.tesla.com, and click on the Sign Up Now button and sign in with your Tesla account credentials. From there you’ll be able to select 365-day ‘Service and Repair Information’ subscription for $0. (h/t: @BLKMDL3)

Once you have placed your order you will then have immediate access to manuals and repair information for Tesla’s entire lineup of vehicles. In the Model 3 section you have access to the Service Manual, Parts Manual, Correction Codes & Times, Circuit & Connector Reference, Service Bulletins, and more.

Opening up all of this information will not only help owners who want to work on their cars themselves, but also help third-party repair shops become more familiar with Tesla’s repairs and procedures.

Tesla has been criticized in the past for not making this information widely available, and has even fought right-to-repair legislation in the United States over concerns it would make their vehicles more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

It is unclear if this free access is a glitch or a permanent move from the automaker. Tesla has opened up free access to both the service manuals and diagnostic software in the past, but that was apparently a mistake and the loophole was quickly closed within hours of it being reported.

Tesla opens, then closes, then sort of reopens access to toolbox featuring repair manuals, service information, and more


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