Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) transfer makes a surprise return [Update]

Earlier today we told you that Tesla has reintroduced its free unlimited Supercharging transfer offer, but that isn’t the only transfer offer the company brought back this weekend, also reintroducing the coveted Full Self-Driving (FSD) transfer at the same time.

UPDATE Feb 4 1:33pm PT: FSD transfers are now also available in Canada, and the offer is also valid on purchases of the new Model 3.

After countless requests by owners over the years, CEO Elon Musk finally agreed last year to allow owners to transfer FSD to a new Tesla. The offer was only for a limited time however, with customers having to take delivery before the end of September in order to qualify. Musk announced the transfer offer during the company’s earnings call, saying at the time, “this is a one-time amnesty, so you need to take advantage of it in Q3.”

However, despite those words, the offer has returned, according to a screenshot of a trade-in estimate shared by X user @Lipsytee, which says the estimate “includes transfer of your current trade-in vehicle’s FSD capability at no cost to you if you take delivery of a new Tesla vehicle by March 31, 2024.”

Unfortunately this offer appears to so far only be for customers in the US. Drive Tesla reached out to our local Service Center to confirm, and they were not aware of the offer. However, one of our readers Bruce also contacted their local advisor in Edmonton, and was told it was not valid in Canada. We have also made a trade-in request on our FSD-equipped Model 3 to see if we get the same message, but have not yet received the estimate. We will update this article when it it sent.

Tesla has not updated their website to add a support page for FSD transfer like they did last time, so we are not sure of the exact eligibility requirements, but there do appear to be some differences compared to last year.

The first is that the message above says it requires a trade-in. Last year you didn’t even need to sell your car, with Tesla simply removing FSD from your existing car and transferring it to your new one if that is what you preferred.

UPDATE Feb 4 4:45pm PT: Like last time, trade-ins are not required to transfer FSD. Tesla will remove FSD from your existing car, after which you can sell it privately or even keep it.

The other possible difference is that it says you must take delivery by March 31, 2024. While having a delivery deadline is technically the same as the terms that were used last time, Tesla did eventually give in to the pressure and agreed to honour FSD transfers for deliveries made after the deadline. This happened because delivery timelines are out of a customer’s control, so Tesla allowed it so long as you completed certain steps before the deadline.

Given this change, we would have expected Tesla to update the wording to not make it contingent on a delivery date, but they may still follow the same process as last year.

Currently, FSD Capability costs $12,000 in the US, and $16,500 in Canada.

Will you be taking Tesla up on this new FSD transfer offer? Let us know in the comments below.

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