Tesla mobile app source code hints at Non-Tesla Supercharger pilot program expanding soon to the US

Tesla launched their Non-Tesla Supercharger pilot program in Europe late last year, allowing owners of other electric vehicles (EVs) to use the Supercharger network in the Netherlands.

Based on some recent changes to the mobile app, it looks like Tesla could be preparing to expand the program to the United States soon.

When Tesla launched the program in Norway, information on individual stall availability was added to the mobile app, as non-Tesla EV owners had to select an open stall in the app in order to activate and be billed for their charging session.

According to Tesla hacker @greentheonly, this information is now also available on the mobile app in North America, although it is not currently being displayed.

Green shared a screenshot of the new code showing that each individual stall is assigned a status of ‘CHARGER_AVAILABLILITY_AVAILABLE’ or ‘CHARGER_AVAILABILITY_OCCUPIED.”

Until now the only information about stall availability was aggregated to show the total number of stalls and how many were free and how many were occupied (e.g., 11 of 16 stalls available).

Green tells us this information used to be gathered by way of the app requesting it from the car, but now the app has been changed to directly query the server for it.

One user on Twitter confirmed this is the same query used to display information in the mobile app for the non-Tesla Supercharger pilot program in Europe. This could mean that Tesla is close to expanding the program to the United States.

According to documentation from The White House, Tesla was supposed to begin production of new equipment that allowed non-Tesla EVs to plug in to Superchargers in the US before the end of this year.

On the positive side, if Tesla is not preparing to open the Supercharger network to other EVs in the US, this new code means we will at least be getting more detailed Supercharger stall availability in the mobile app soon.

Green, who is located in the US, could only confirm what is happening with his app, so we have not been able to confirm if the same code is present for Tesla owners in Canada. We are attempting to verify this and will update the article as more information becomes available. If this is something you can do please reach out to us at tips@driveteslacanada.ca.

Here’s how Tesla plans to allow other EVs to plug in at North American Superchargers – Magic Dock

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