Tesla Model 3 Performance exceeds expectations with official EPA rating

The new Tesla Model 3 Performance has received its official range rating from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and it has exceed expectations.

When Tesla launched sales of the Model 3 Performance last month, the Design Studio listed the electric sedan as having an estimated 296 miles (476km) of range. However, the online configurator listed it as that, an estimate, as the EV had yet to receive its official range rating from the EPA, which now has more stringent standards than before.

Tesla has now updated their website to indicate the Model 3 Performance has received its EPA rating, and according to the agency’s testing, the car can travel 303 miles (487km) on a full charge. This is the combined EPA rating taking into account both city and highway driving, and is slightly less than the legacy Model 3 Performance, which had a 310 mile (499km) range rating.

This puts the Model 3 Performance with 20″ wheels at virtually the same range as the Long Range variant when equipped with 19″ Nova wheels, with the latter having an EPA range of 305 miles (491km). Those 19″ Nova wheels also received a price drop today, going from US$1,500 to US$1,000.

If you visit the Canadian version of Tesla’s online configurator, you will notice that the Model 3 Performance has not seen a similar range increase north of the border. That is because Tesla is importing the Model 3 Performance into Canada from China, and not bringing them up from the Fremont factory in California.

This means the Canadian Model 3 Performance has a slightly smaller battery pack (82kWh vs 79kWh). The batteries are also produced by different companies (Panasonic vs LG), with each having slightly different chemistries, resulting in slightly less horsepower, but the difference shouldn’t be that noticeable.

The 2024 Model 3 Performance has yet to be added to Transport Canada’s fuel consumption ratings search tool. The first deliveries in Canada are not expected until June, while deliveries have now started in the US.

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