Tesla notifies reservation holders to accept changes or cancel order with new colours and EPA range ratings

Last week Tesla updated their website with new, lower ranges for some of its vehicles, also adding two paints options. With the new range ratings and two new colours to pick from, the company is notifying existing reservation holders to inform them of the changes, giving them the opportunity to either follow through with or cancel their order.

On Thursday night Tesla adjusted the official range ratings for the Model S, Model X, and Model Y. The changes were not because of a smaller battery pack, but rather because of changes to the EPA testing methods that we outlined in our article last week. Along with those changes, we also told you that Tesla’s internal communications to staff revealed a second reason, changes to “comfort and functionality” features that draw more energy from the battery pack.

Along with the new range ratings, Tesla also expanded Stealth Grey and Ultra Red to the Model Y, and in the process discontinued Midnight Silver and Multi-Coat Red.

After Tesla updated their website on Thursday night, the company soon began emailing customers with existing reservations to either accept the changes, or cancel their order. According to copies of the email shared on social media, Tesla is either giving customers until January 14 to reply, and if no reply is received it will be assumed that you no longer want the vehicle, and your order will automatically be cancelled.

We have also seen some emails that have a deadline of January 10 (via Sawyer Merritt), so if you believe you are impacted by the changes and haven’t received the email, we suggest reaching out to your Sales Advisor as soon as possible.

Tesla reaching out to customers to either accept the changes or have their order cancelled is not new, and required as these are material changes and will result in different cars, either by spec (range) or by physical features (paint), being delivered than what was ordered. However this time they are taking a softer approach.

When the company switched to importing cars into Canada from China last year, a similar email was sent to customers with existing Model Y orders, but the email said their order was being cancelled because their chosen configuration was no longer being made. Tesla did give those customers the option to update their design to Model Y made at Giga Shanghai.

Did you receive the email? What was your deadline? Let us know in the comments below.

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