Tesla Model 3 easily tops Canadian ZEV sales in August

The Tesla Model 3 was the most popular zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) in Canada in August, with more than double the sales of the next closest competitor.

It wasn’t just the Model 3 that was popular in Canada however, as deliveries of ZEVs last month were the highest they have been so far in 2022.

It is important to note that these figures are only for ZEVs that qualify for the federal iZEV rebate program, however it is unlikely that there was another ZEV with more sales than the Model 3.

According to data from Transport Canada shared with Automotive News Canada, Tesla delivered 2,177 Model 3 cars to customers in August. That figure was more than four times higher than the number of Model 3 cars Tesla delivered in July (500).

Since only the entry-level Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) qualifies for the rebate, we can assume the total number of Model 3s delivered in Canada last month was closer to 3,000 units or more.

It is also interesting to note that the Model 3 RWD became ineligible for the rebate back in November 2021, so these customers have waited 10 months or more for their new car.

With the impressive performance in August, Tesla has delivered 9,725 iZEV Model 3 RWD cars to Canadian customers so far in 2022.

Far behind Tesla in second place was the Chevrolet Bolt EUV, which registered 804 iZEV eligible sales in August. The Hyundai Kona came in third (555), following by the Ford Mach-E (475) and the Chevy Bolt EV (262).

When looking at the data at the provincial level, Transport Canada has handed out more iZEV incentives in Quebec than any other province, and it isn’t even close.

In August Quebecers purchased 6,956 iZEV eligible cars, more than double the number in British Columbia at 1,669. Ontario was the next highest at 1,373 sales. After that the figures drop off a cliff, with Alberta being the only province to have the number of iZEV eligible sales in the triple digits, and barely at that (147).

For the year Quebec now has more than double the number of iZEV sales than second place British Columbia.

Source: Automotive News Canada

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