Tesla Megapack project helping Australia reduce coal use

Tesla’s Energy division will help Australia reduce its coal dependence. An upcoming project combined with a new wind farm will add to the Down Under’s zero-emission energy portfolio.

The wind energy project, developed by Spanish firm Acciona, will generate 1,000MW at peak production. It will more than double the existing 923MW wind farm by the state.

Both installations will power about 1.4 million households, Reuters reports.

Tesla’s Megapack project will be located nearby at Kogan Creek Power Station. It will have a capacity of 200MWh.

Construction of the energy storage project will start in the fourth quarter of 2023. CE Energy will handle it. However, there has not been any information on when Acciona will start work on the wind farm.

Australia has been a repeat customer of Tesla’s Megapacks. The country hosts four such installations already.

The largest is the 450 MWh Victorian Big Battery project. A second one, located in Bouldercombe, Queensland, will complete construction early next year.

Australia is aiming for its energy to be 70 percent renewable by 2032. It is banking on massive batteries like Megapacks (dubbed “coal-killer”) to achieve the goal. They are replacements for coal-powered “peaker plants” that kick in to help balance loads at peak consumption periods.

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