Tesla mobile app update adds Semi assets and Cybertruck references for the first time

Tesla released a new version of their mobile app on the iOS App Store on Thursday night, version 4.14.3. While the release notes said no new features were added, there were several items added behind the scenes related to two of Tesla’s most anticipated vehicles.

The biggest addition was for the Tesla vehicle that is set to debut next month, the electric Semi truck. With deliveries just a few weeks away, Tesla added several assets in anticipation of PepsiCo drivers using the mobile app for their daily shifts.

According to a decompile of the latest version of the mobile app by Tesla App Updates (@Tesla_App_iOS), a new folder called ‘Semi’ has been added with a number of images of the class 8 truck.

Twitter user OlympusDev (@olympusdev_) was able to take those assets and turn them into 3D images, showing off the exterior and interior of the Semi.

The images also show off some features of the truck that haven’t been seen in detail before like the charge port, and that it will have a wireless charging pad for mobile devices under the right hand screen.

The images also confirm the Semi will still be coming with a frunk like what has been seen on the original prototypes.

Along with the new assets for the Semi, Tesla also added code that for the first time references their next vehicle set to be released, the Cybertruck.

Since production is still several months away it wasn’t much, but “C”:”truck” is now listed alongside the other vehicle models, including the Semi.

This is just the latest sign that Tesla is getting closer to production of the Cybertruck. Just yesterday several new job postings related to Cybertruck production were spotted on Tesla’s Careers website.

We have also seen two Cybertruck bodies arrive at Giga Texas, and the massive 9,000 ton Giga Press is also set to arrive at Giga Texas soon.

As for the Semi, production has already started at a new building just north of Giga Nevada. According to information obtained by Drive Tesla, the facility can produce as many as 20 Semi trucks per week.

We have also been told that Tesla is aiming to deliver between 10 and 15 Semi trucks to PepsiCo on December 1. This means Tesla also plans to use a number of Semi trucks for their own purposes to transport goods between its factories.

Tesla shuts down orders for Semi, updates website with impressive specs ahead of first deliveries


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